(Edited : 01/28/07)

This site is meant to chronical the building of a Farrier F-22 Trimaran – sail number 24. These plans are hot-off-the-presses (actually, Ian is still designing parts of the boat, but we have enough to start building) – and will be his most advanced design yet.

This has been over a year coming. Originally we were going to build an F-82, the smallest he offered at the time. I did all my estimating and material window-shopping based on those plans, so some of the older posts in the archive will reflect that. In August 2006 I traded in the F-82 plans for the F-22 since it will prove much more realistic of a boat to build/own.

Some might wonder why we are choosing to build… Sometimes I wonder that myself.. 🙂 Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to build something bigger than the projects and models I’ve built before. I got hooked on sailing about 2 years ago by my father, an ex-powerboat racer. He’s built a few boats in the past, though nothing using advanced foam-sandwich materials. It should prove to be a fun adventure.

Note – while the log entries contain many pictures, there are many more pictures with comments that I have posted in the Gallery that, for whatever reason, might not have made it into the main journal entries.