A burst of motivation from other F-Boats

Categories: Misc Boat

Dad was playing at Wurstfest today in New Braunfels and I had to run an errand back up north. On the way back I decided to see if he wanted to meet at Canyon Lake (where we have our current monohull slipped) to see if the Yacht Club was open to the public for the Wurstfest Regatta. My hopes were that since the big Multihull race is Sunday, maybe there are some F-Boats just hanging around.

We were not disappointed. When we walked down, a race had ended a short time before, and we met John with his F-28R Weapon Of Choice. Chatted with him for a while and he let me come aboard to look around at the interior. I got a good feel for how a “production” F-Boat was set up.

A short while later, a few more F-28’s and F-27’s came back. Another unexpected surprise was Pete’s F-33R Nelda Ray. Got a chance to talk to him about his building experience (his boat was constructed in Australia), what he would do different from the start (one of his biggest suggestions was spending the extra money for LED lights everywhere, including mast head). I got to go aboard his F-33R as well – and I was in complete amazement. This boat is HUGE. The aft cabin is nowhere close to small, and the passageway under the cockpit is very sizable as well. I realize the F-22 will be MUCH smaller – but still a good comparison.

Also got to see the 3rd generation folding system, look at fit-out details, the motor connections on the aft cabin, what isn’t visible when the boat is built, etc.

Everyone we met was extremely nice and had nothing but great things to say about F-Boats. Makes me feel even better about going with this design.

Went home from this and sanded until past midnight, then did some work on the chainplate.