A few small areas to fix on the floats

Categories: Floats Misc Boat

There are a few areas that we’re not too pleased with in regards to the keel join on the starboard float – a few areas that have some bubbles that we’ll need to fix.  Because of this, the port float will get the keel taped when it is positioned upright.  At that point we’ll also put another layer of epoxy in the bilge area of the floats.

Once this is complete, the floats will be placed upside-down to make the flanges and fair the keel and such.  After this it’s back to right-side-up and the deck will be attached and then outer laminations.

As an aside that I noticed today that I think is kind of cool — when building the floats you spend a lot of time flipping between pages since the sides are different and such depending on which one you are doing.  I’m proud to report the small milestone of being COMPLETELY finished with pages 1-5, and now only have 2 pages remaining for float construction.