A solution to my cutting problems

Categories: Tools

Have been having trouble cutting the fiberglass cloth off the roll and into shape. We bought new scissors but they kept having the same problem. When I would cut the fabric, the stiches that hold the actual fiberglass strands into their pattern would walk ahead of the scissor blades and cause the cloth to get out of alignment and have horrible runs. Teresa beat me until I took her advise of getting some extremely sharp 8″ dress-maker’s scissors from the local fabric shop. I also purchased a rotary cutter that cuts the fiberglass to shape amazingly well.


Basic procedure for the bulkheads I’m using is this:

  • Rough-cut the cloth to the size desired
  • Place bulkhead atop it and use the rotary cutter wheel
  • Staple in a few places with the Raptor composite staples to hold into place

After that I’ll add the release fabric, RDM and make the bag.