An executive decision

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I made a decision today regarding the float half.  Not going to infuse it.  Plain and simple.  There is the area around the deck flange which I think could still be made ok for a seal and such, but between the catastrophe with the Gorilla Glue and needing to clean out that entire area and bog; nervousness of actually doing a part this big right now; and just wanting to get it done and keep making progress, it seemed like a no-brainer after weighing the pros and cons of it all.

Not sure if we’ll be using the RI resin for the layup or using the thicker (and faster) hardener, or if we can add some cab-o-sil to the RI resin mixture without any ill effects to do the hand lay-up (suggested by a member on the list and I put the question in to the folks at API a few days ago)