Organization of materials

Categories: Materials Workshop
Organized all the CoreCell and Fiberglass between the ceiling hangers and the rack today. Most of the CoreCell fit on one of the hangers above the garage door, the rest is on the rack as it’ll get used pretty quickly. 76 73 Took inventory of everything Noah’s sent while putting things away. Guess they ran out of A500 offcuts or something, because I have a little over 40 A500 offcuts and just over 100 A550 offcuts.

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Built Strongback

Categories: Misc Boat Workshop
Started and finished the strongback today. Well, ok, we cut a few pieces of lumber last week for it, but everything else was completed today. Starts out rather flimsy and difficult to handle, but by the time we got all the spreader cleats installed it became much more managable. I know once we epoxy the base to the floor it will be completely sturdy. 18 Time spent : 5.5 hours

Fiberglass rack built

Categories: Workshop
Put together the rack I drew up for holding fiberglass rolls and infusion materials. I gave it an inside width of just over 64″ so it will hold a 60″ roll with no problems. The only thing I have to put on it right now is the Resin Distribution Media which I picked up on Friday. 13 Time spent : 4 hours