Chasing leaks

Categories: Floats Misc Boat

With my sympathetic ear on the phone, dad has spent some time looking for leaks in the part – and has managed to get things sealed enough to pull 10″hg – but still not enough to risk infusing.  I’m sure part of the problem is still coming from where we are sealing against the DBM, as nothing wanted to stick to it even after tons of sanding.

As much as I like the process, at this point I’m going to give it another hour looking for leaks with some smoke before I pull off the bag and do a hand lay-up of it and call it a day — don’t want to waste too much time on this part.

Still have plenty of flat bits to infuse, and might do the outside shell in one shot as well, if I feel ballsy (though right now I don’t.  haha)

Hours worked: 1.5