Dissolving a fear

Categories: Misc Boat

For the past month or so now, I kept having this nagging fear. Most likely it’s because we had gotten a pretty good ways into the floats and turning back now would, quite frankly, really really suck. Or maybe it’s because the next thing we have to do involves using heavier fabric. Either way…

In the back of my head, I keep worrying that I accidentally unwrapped the 18oz fabric instead of the 12oz fabric and had been using something too heavy all this time and would use the lighter fabric on the wrong parts. It might sound silly, but a few times it almost kept me up at night. 🙂 It’s not like the rolls are labeled once they come out of their cardboard boxes, you just have to make sure you label everything properly. Well, I was worried I didn’t.

I had some cloth cut to a pretty small size today for the chainplate lamination, so I took measurements and set the epoxy scale to ounces to measure it. After scaling the weight up to a square yard, I’m happy to report the calculator showed 11.6 ounces – close enough for me to know I didn’t screw up a few months ago and start using the wrong roll. 🙂