First float half unmolded

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Today was an unexpected milestone (I actually was planning on this happening next week, so to have everything in place and dry enough for today was a treat).

Before we could tape in the remaining bulkheads, the transom had to be realigned. Apparently when planking down the foam, a two strips were not fully contacting the batten closest to the keel and the bulkhead was way off. Cut away some of the glass where it gets removed anyway and screwed into the battens. Also cut a relief in the glass at the keel and gave it extra fiberglass once it was lined up. Lesson of the day, pay attention when planking the foam!


After this “small” repair, the rest of the bulkheads were aligned and taped in place in quick order.


Once the bulkheads were cured and some trimming and sanding took place at the deck and keel lines, it was time to start taking out the many screws that held the foam to the mold.


Took a while to find all the spots were resin had gone past the release tape and found a way to glue the foam to the battens (lesson for the day, resin WILL find a way past your tape, so tape more then you think you’ll need, esp. at the last batten before the deck flange plate!)


At last, we had lift-off!


It was promptly carried out for inspection..


Where everything looked nice and fair…


With the exception of the first few foam planks that we glued with Gorilla Glue (not knocking the product, just this particular use of it)…


which will require some extra attention when sanded…


It was then hoisted up to it’s resting place until the matching half is completed and ready to be joined…


Port-outside half complete, next up is the Starboard-inside…

Time Spent : 6.5 hours