Float hardware starts arriving

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Am suffering from a bit of insomnia tonight, so I thought I’d put up a quick post.

Wanted to get the bulkhead flanges done over the weekend, but found myself sick from friday afternoon until sunday afternoon.  Feeling ill while wearing a respirator with your head in the confines of a float hull was not appealing, so it will wait until this coming weekend most likely.

On the bright side, some of the float hardware showed up this past week.  I didn’t take pictures of the “midget cowl vents” that I ordered (SeaDog part number that Ian recommends), but I did take some pictures of the access hatch I decided to go with.  It’s made by a company in New Zealand called So-Pac and seems to be a pretty good piece.  Didn’t find much information about them on the ‘net, but I also didn’t search *too* hard for it.  Specifications looked good, the price was reasonable and the size fell in the range that we wanted.


For some reason the 6″ inspection hatches went in a different shipment and should arrive in 3 days according to the tracking information.

Placed an order a few minutes ago for more spiral tubing to infuse future parts.

Am also happy to see first pictures of a main hull on Oliver’s site – looking forward to seeing it develop!