Forward beam mount lamination – part 1

… or…  That’s a lot of fabric!

We did the forward side of both forward beam mounts late last night – I don’t have a picture of it due to lighting, but it was a long 3 hours in a pretty cramped space.  If you’ve thought about putting in the anchor-well before laminating this area – DON’T! 🙂  I’m very glad we haven’t installed it yet.

The following two pictures are of the unidirectional fabrics and compression pad hard-wood.  The only fabric missing from the picture are the sheets of C-spec (8 pieces) since they were below-deck, but you can get an idea of just how much fabric is used for this.  This also does not include the fabric required for the perimeter “flange” around the bulkhead or bolt-hole “doublers”…

yeah… it’s a lot of fabric… 🙂

We’re going to laminate the aft side this evening and I’ll make sure to take some pictures then.