Not as productive as I’d hoped

Categories: Bulkheads Tools

Today wasn’t quite as productive as I wanted it to be. To start with, yesterday the motor on the radial arm saw burned out so we couldn’t use it to rip the 1×12’s into 1×1’s for battens (looked EVERYWHERE and no one carried 1×1’s. 1×2’s just seemed too stiff). Drove to a friend’s house to use his table saw to rip the lumber (Thanks Fred!). In return I fixed some computer network issues they were having at the house.

I did mix up my first batch of bog today to back-fill the cut out areas of the aft beam bulkhead. Seemed to go OK. Will know more when it’s cured and how the results look/sand/feel.


Also started laminating the chainplates. Put on a layer of glass and two layers of carbon fiber then peel-plied it. Will add remaining layers of CF next time.


Plumbed in new resin trap for vacuum infusion.


Time spent: 2.5 hours