One step closer…

Categories: Finishing Main Hull

Outside face of the port float is ALMOST ready for primer. Put the last few bits of filler on the remaining pinholes late this evening but took no pictures. Am really impressed and pleased at how good this side came out, as neither of us thought it would look very good. The outside face of the port float was the very first half we planked, and part of it cracked moving it outside many months ago. We patched it up, but parts of the face were pretty bad. In all honesty, we should have spent a few more hours fairing the foam and building up a few low spots before we laminated it – would have made most of this a non-issue.

Have the daggerboard case almost finished. Placed the uni-directional on, one side at a time to allow both gravity and the peel-ply to keep it pressed down.


Once both sides were dry, I chopped up a handful of 12oz scrap fiberglass to place in the keel area of the case


Once it was pressed down into the bottom


I set the case upright, braced it, and poured a few batches of resin inside via a tube clamped to the cheek-block hole


Had to leave before it was cured, but this completes the daggerboard case and it can sit in a corner now until needed for the main hull.

As an aside, the beam mounts and associated bits came in this week. Was surprised, as they weren’t expected for at least another week. First impressions are that they are massive. The pictures on the internet do not do them justice. Very well constructed and feel very solid – well worth the price that Ian sells them for.

Hopefully this week I can make some molds for the wing-net rails and the beam mounts. Next weekend we should be able to knock out the deck of the port float.

Time spent: 8 hours