Port float continues and daggerboard case prep

Categories: Finishing Main Hull

Very short weekend but still accomplished a few things…

Full layer of fairing compound on the outside face of the port float is being faired


Also painted the inside of the daggerboard case halves with the System Three Waterborne LPU – just brushed it on because, well, the only thing that MIGHT see the inside of the case are fish, and even then the board will be in the way.  We aren’t concerned about the few runs and brush strokes in the finish 🙂


Placed an order with McMaster Carr today for some 6061 stock and 316 bolts/nuts/washers.  If it comes in time, I’ll hopefully cut out the cheek block plate, cut the hole in the daggerboard case half, mount the studs and join the case together.  If it doesn’t come in time, then I won’t have anything to disturb the joy of fairing…..

Time spent: 6 hours