Port float deck and aft beam mounts

Categories: Finishing Main Hull

Shaped and glassed over chainplate and then put down base fairing for deck on port float


While this was drying I quickly touched up the daggerboard case and put it “away” on top of the scaffold until it’s needed before joining the main hull halves


Glued together the mold for the wing net rail supports (still need to round over the edges)


I did a little sanding before I ran out of steam, and then decided to play with the beam mounts that came in last week. I first attached a mold plate to the aft beam mounts


On the first beam mount I tried Ian’s suggestion of using screws to attach it, but just could not get it to hold firm enough for my liking. Ended up using packing tape on both the wood mold and on the beam mount itself, and used wood glue and a clamp to secure it. When it was close to dry, I ran the fillet as specified and also put a fillet at the other end (where I also had tape on both sides) to help hold the mold even better.

Here are all the fiberglass pieces cut out and ready


This was a pretty thick laminate and it got really hot, but no discoloring or smoke, so I’m sure the part is fine.


Once it was past the gel stage I pulled off the mold plate and tape


It wasn’t cured enough to grind to the proper size, however, so I’ll do that next time.

Also received the 6061 stock I ordered for the mast foot and rotator socket.


Found out a few days ago that a friend of mine is getting a CNC mill delivered (hopefully) this week, so I should be able to have use of that as soon as it gets all set up and put through the paces. I’m also going to discuss with him milling parts for other F-22 builders when Ian finishes the rest of the fabricated parts drawings… Maybe we can work something out there if others are interested in CNC machined parts for their craft. I’ll let anyone who is interested know how/if that pans out.

Time spent: 7 hours