Port float deck constructed

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Was not able to get as much done this weekend as I wanted due to weather, but accomplished a good deal with some goals set for next weekend.

I realize this is the same thing only on a different float, so bear with me until more interesting things happen. 🙂

Masked out the deck and made sure to mark all my reference lines dark


Tried to use as much scrap off-cuts as possible for both the deck AND the fabric.  Some pieces were just too small to be any good, but others were able to be used.


I went inside to cool off at this point, and apparently fell asleep.  When I woke up, the deck had magically been laminated.  I should sleep more often 🙂

Went and trimmed the fabric at the tape lines and peeled the tape while the epoxy was still in the gel phase (which, in mid to upper 90 degree weather happens pretty quick)


Bedded the stringers in place


Laid out the fabric


And was finished with the port deck in short order


Meanwhile, the poor float sat neglected outside while it rained off and on.  During this picture the rain had cleared, but it was too humid to want to do sanding, and the sky still wanted to rain more.


Next time, should hopefully be able to fully shape the keel, add any extra internal layers if the shaping goes too deep, start bogging holes and fairing the outside, and MAYBE bond the deck in place.

Hopefully will be able to start exterior lamination in the next 3 sessions or so, and then go back to fairing…

As an aside, received the new planbook last week and finally had a chance to sit down this weekend to look over it.  Lots of new things and I still remain VERY impressed with Ian’s plans.  Everyone who as even glanced at them remarks how well they look.  Copied what few notes I made in the original plans to the new book and shipped the original back.

Am thinking that after both floats are in storage, making the new wing-net lashing flanges for the floats and putting them in storage, then full steam ahead on the main hull bulkheads and daggerboard case.  This also means needing to finally decide between the aft-cockpit or aft-cabin – at least all the other options are settled between us 🙂

Time spent: 4 hours