Port float fairing and daggerboard case

Categories: Finishing Main Hull

Not too much to write here as it’s been seen before, but the port float (outside face) is being faired first


also took the time to (ugh) fair the inside of the daggerboard case (very quickly, mind you) because of the issue with the port half of the case.


The starboard half is in primer right now and I ordered a few more gallons of high-build primer from System Three, as well as a quart of dark grey WLPU for the inside of the case.  We’ll see how it looks brushed on.  Also had them include a color-swatch card for their WLPU paints so we can start to brainstorm about colors.  Was originally thinking white with accent colors for the non-skid – but now I’m starting to think something a little more non-traditional might be called for…


Time spent: 5 hours