Second float half laminated

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I said I was going to look for air leaks first, but after mulling it over for a few minutes, I decided the time would be better spent just doing it by hand and progressing. I was able to bribe Teresa into helping with some Starbucks. Dad’s back is injured right now, but he made for a great epoxy-mixer.


Still having a little energy, I glued the stringer into place and we put the two layers on top of it and called it an evening.  The laminate with the black around it is set at 45-45 where the chainplate pad will go.  Other areas have been reinforced as well.


This time I remembered to take pictures of the carbon fiber chainplates that were made a while back.


The tube is a little off-center, but I don’t think it’s enough to really matter much (looks even worse in the picture than in person)


There is also some extra CF in it, as I was only able to easily source 10oz uni – so it’s built a little stronger than it needs to be (I sure won’t complain). Gotta say – these suckers are LIGHT!

Time spent: 5 hours