Starboard float primed

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Whew…  I can’t say that it’s ready for storage yet, as the primer did reveal a few areas that need to be touched up (some pin holes that were too big to get filled and some areas around the chainplate that need to look better)…  Lighting isn’t too good, so hopefully will get better pictures next time when the primer is cured and can be taken outside to look at and sand the few runs we ended up with.

An interesting learning experience – this stuff needs to be REAL thin to spray!  Thanks to Nick on the F-Boat list for the tips – worked much better this time.

Will just throw some pictures up with a brief description – since I have Sunday off from working on the boat (actually typing this on Sunday) – am going to go outside and actually enjoy the “mild” weather we have right now.

Moment of truth – hoisting the float back up and removing the cradles


Dad did the first coat (so I actually blame any/all runs on him for spraying too thick!) 🙂


I did the next two coats, so there is no pictures of anything else except the “after” pictures.

Deck looking forward


Deck looking aft


You can see some of the runs on the keel – fortunately I know from the testing they will sand out without any real fuss


Inside face of float looking forward


Outside face looking forward


Inside face at bow


and finally the chainplate, which we need to go back and “fix” to make look a little better – sanding off the cab-o-sil left it in need of more filler which wasn’t noticed until the primer was on.


Hopefully it still looks this good once in full light and can be examined closer…  fingers crossed… 🙂  Want to take a break from fairing so the other float can be.. well… assembled and faired! haha

Time spent: 4 hours