Updates from Ian

Categories: Misc Boat

Ian sent out some updates for the plans today.  Nothing changes, per se, but more makes sense now that I can see a diagram of how the beams attach to the floats.  The main part of the update is for the centerboard and centerboard case, which I’m not concerned about since we’re doing a daggerboard.  Part of the update included the plans for construction of the daggerboard, but we haven’t decided what to do about that yet.  Part of me says that we should be able to construct the foils by that time, as our ability to work glass/CF and foam is getting exponentially better each time;  the other part of me thinks that we should get at least CNC-milled foils (from Phil’s Foils) or order the finished foils from Farrier once that are ready – with this much time and work going into the boat, I’d like for it to steer and tack properly 🙂