The boat arrives!

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Well, not really, but almost all the materials have shown up. The shipment from Noah’s showed up at the freight depot today. 45 Unpacked it all in the parking lot and transferred into the truck for the ride home. 49 Tomorrow will be a few hours of counting, sorting and organizing. 52

Infusion material arrives

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Shipment from AirTech came in today. Release-coated peel-ply, bagging material and mastic-tape. Am going to put it on the rack tomorrow and hopefully finish building the strongback. Now I just need to start searching in earnest for a good deal on a vacuum pump that will pull the kind of vacuum I want (29″ Hg). Ordered the epoxy today from Applied Poleramic. They said their board of orders to fill is pretty full right now, but hopefully they can get my order mixed and out the door next Friday (The 6th) – should mean in about 2 weeks I’ll have everything needed to start constructing parts (assuming I can get a good priced pump, of course).

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It ships tomorrow

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Just received an automated e-mail from the freight company stating that a bill of lading has been created and they are scheduled to pick it up a 500 lbs skid tomorrow… I’m assuming as soon as the shipment has been picked up and the system updated I’ll be able to see an estimated date of delivery.