No building this week – new product sample arrives

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Between an out of town wedding this weekend (and one next weekend as well), and the INSANE change of weather, there will be no work done on the boat this weekend. I am instead relaxing indoors where it’s warm. Central Texas is known for strange weather patters, but snowing in April is not usually one of them! Felicia from Utility Composites called me last week to ask how the Raptor staples I purchased from them have been working out for me and to let me know about a new product I might be interested in.

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Updates coming soon

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Sorry for the delay everyone – had to take care of some personal things the past few weeks, but now that it’s all taken care of I’ll be posting my updates (and replying to a number of emails) in the next few days. Don’t quite have the floats ready for exterior lamination, but the starboard float is real close and will most likely be the first float that’s closed up.

Float hardware starts arriving

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Am suffering from a bit of insomnia tonight, so I thought I’d put up a quick post. Wanted to get the bulkhead flanges done over the weekend, but found myself sick from friday afternoon until sunday afternoon. Feeling ill while wearing a respirator with your head in the confines of a float hull was not appealing, so it will wait until this coming weekend most likely. On the bright side, some of the float hardware showed up this past week.

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