Reorganized gallery

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Moved things around in the photo gallery. Now that it’s January, things get sorted out of order. Made folders for the year, then inside that are folders by month/day. Am also going to go through the old galleries and put descriptions for each day.

Website almost live

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I’m just about to consider the new website ready for public use/viewing. I almost have the gallery integrated to the point where I am happy with the display, and I finally worked out the kinks in why the archive section wasn’t displaying properly. Still want to find a way to have the system keep track and tally the time-spent on various portions of the boat instead of manually adding it up.

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New home

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Last night I decided to create a new weblog, completely seperate from my usual one, to track this project. It will make for cleaner browsing and searching as well as only contain information relevant to boat-building.