Talk about detail

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Ian’s plans are VERY detailed – seems he’s thought of just about everything. I must admit that after looking through the plans, I feel slightly overwhelmed – but on the other side of the spectrum, if they weren’t as detailed I’d most likely become overwhelmed while working on it. At least this way I know exactly what I’m getting into. Current plan is to construct the Daggerboard Case first, then move on to the bulkheads, rudder/dagger, CMM and beams and any other misc items.

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A kid at Christmas

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Wow! Plans showed up with this morning’s mail! Talk about fast! I can’t wait to dig into them and start studying everything. Unfortunately, they’re still sitting in the package, as I had to run to my Advanced CAD class this afternoon, but I’ll have plenty of time tonight to go over everything.

Plans ordered!

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Clicked the sibmit button a few minutes ago to order the F-82 plans. Waiting for dad to call me back so I can tell him that we’re officially screwed. 🙂