Forward beam mount lamination – part 1

… or…  That’s a lot of fabric!

We did the forward side of both forward beam mounts late last night – I don’t have a picture of it due to lighting, but it was a long 3 hours in a pretty cramped space.  If you’ve thought about putting in the anchor-well before laminating this area – DON’T! 🙂  I’m very glad we haven’t installed it yet.

The following two pictures are of the unidirectional fabrics and compression pad hard-wood.  The only fabric missing from the picture are the sheets of C-spec (8 pieces) since they were below-deck, but you can get an idea of just how much fabric is used for this.  This also does not include the fabric required for the perimeter “flange” around the bulkhead or bolt-hole “doublers”…

yeah… it’s a lot of fabric… 🙂

We’re going to laminate the aft side this evening and I’ll make sure to take some pictures then.

Cockpit work and starting on the forward beam mounts

Been slow going, but I took this week off from work to hopefully get “caught up” on things.

Last time we managed to get the forward beam compression area formed up and laminated

This was relatively straight-forward after confirming with Ian that the portion of the former that protrudes into the hull can be sanded more “flush” with the interior before laminating.   The former is cut straight (90 degrees) relative to the beam mount, but the interior has an angle at this area.

Took some “core samples” of the cockpit area by drilling the drain holes for the two “wet” compartments we’ll have and cutting out an area for the safety hatch (went with 8″ Beckson)

Finally, dad built the mold for the companion-way area and we laminated that with peel-ply on the inside (on top of the taped wood mold) since grinding that would prove difficult (or impossible).  Also put peel-ply on the outside.

Decided to pull the mold out while the epoxy was still slightly “green” – was a good idea since it was a difficult release.  The bottom mold is still in place until cured as I’ll need to trim the fiberglass first since it covered up the screws (oops).  We’ve decided to let the flange go down further than the plans specify to give an area to route wiring if needed.  Will do the inside part of the lamination either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Port-aft beam mount laminated

These pictures are from two weekends ago;  everything has been slow going the past 2 months.  Dad had some stuff come up that kept him unable to work on the boat for about 6 weeks.  We managed to get this “little” bit done, and now I’ve come down with a nasty case of strep throat for the past week that isn’t reacting to antibiotics so I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow.  Needless to say, it will probably be at least another week before there’s another update.

Whew…  so all that being said, here’s what we did manage to accomplish last time 🙂

Dad built the mold plates for the aft beam mounts and we got everything situated on the port side.  Here’s a view from the outside

and here’s what part of the inside looks like

It took me a little longer than I had hoped to get all the fillets cleaned up (some of them are quite thick and you must go a little at a time to avoid kicking it off)

Here are the laminates for the port-aft beam mount

and finally the results after slaving away for quite some time

It actually all went together relatively easily.  I will share a piece of advice that might be obvious to most of you, but escaped both of us at the time — laminate the aft side of the mount first!  I did the forward side first and found myself having to contort every way possible to laminate the aft side because of the epoxy-goo.  Do yourself a favor and do the “hard” side first 😉